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Angular 6 Environment Setup

Angular 6 Environment Setup

We will analyze the Environment Setup needed for Angular 6 in this portion.

Installing Angular 6 includes − the following



Angular CLI

IDE for writing your code

Nodejs must be in greater of 8.11 and npm must be in greater of 5.6.


Type node -v into the terminal to verify whether nodejs is built on your system. It can let you see the nodejs version currently installed on your system.

C:\>node -v

If something isn't written, install nodejs on your system. To update nodejs, go to the nodejs' Homepage https:/nodejs.org/en/download/ and configure the package depending on your operation system

Install the appropriate package depending on your operating system. After launching nodejs, npm would also be built along with it. Type npm -v into the terminal to search whether npm is activated or not. The npm version will be shown here.

C:\>npm -v

With the help of angular CLI, Angular 6 installs are quite simple. Visit angular's https:/cli.angular.io/ homepage to get the command reference.

Type npm install -g @angular/cli, to install angular cli on your system.

When Angular CLI is installed, you can obtain the above installation via your terminal. Any IDE of your choosing can be used, i.e. WebStorm, Atom, Visual Studio Code etc.