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Angular7 Features

Angular7 Features

Angular supports multiple platforms

Angular is a language which is cross-platform. It supports multiple platforms. You can create various types of apps by using Angular.

  1. Desktop applications:Angular helps you to build enabled mobile apps on various types of operating systems i.e. Windows, Mac or Linux, use the same Angular approaches as we use to build cloud and native apps.
  2. Native applications:Native apps can be built using Angular with Cordova, Ionic, or NativeScript strategies.
  3. Progressive Web Applications:The most common applications developed with Angular are progressive Web Applications. Angular provides new cloud interface technologies for providing high-performance, offline, and zero-step installation applications.

High Speed, Ultimate Performance

  1. Universal support:Angular can be used as a front-end web development platform for programming languages such as Node.js, .Net, PHP, Java Struts and Spring, as well as other servers for nearly immediate HTML and CSS rendering. It is also optimizing the website to improve SEO.
  2. Code splitting:Angular apps are fast, and load quickly with the new Component Router, which provides automatic code splitting so that users only need to load code to render the view they request.
  3. Code generation:Will Angular generate your templates today in highly optimized application? S JavaScript virtual machines that provides hand-written code advantages.


  1. Powerful templates: Angular delivers simple , powerful template syntax to quickly create UI views.
  2. IDEs:Angular provides smart code completion, instant errors and other feedback in popular IDEs and editors.
  3. Angular CLI:Angular CLI provides fast start building of command line tools, add components and tests, and then deploy immediately.

Full Stack Development

Angular is a full JavaScript application. It provides accessibility, testing, animation and. It offers complete stack development alongside Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB.

  1. Testing:Angular provides for unit testing with Karma and Jasmine. B y use that, every time you save you can check your broken things. Karma is a test runner application developed by Angular team to evaluate JavaScript. Jasmine is the unit testing application testing framework of Angular applications, and Karma gives helpful tools that make it easier for us to name our Jasmine test while we are writing code.
  2. Animation Support: Angular facilitates the creation of high-performance, complex choreographies and animation timelines with very little code via the intuitive API from Angular.
  3. Accessibility:In Angular, you can build accessible applications with components allowed by ARIA, developer guides and a11y test infrastructure infrastructure.