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Basics of Computers Domain Specific Tools

Basics of Computers Domain Specific Tools

Software may be generic or specific according to its use. Generic Software is a software that can perform multiple tasks without being changed in different scenarios. For example, anybody can use a word processor software to create various types of documents such as report, whitepaper, training material etc. Specific software is a software for a specific application, such as railway reservation system, weather forecasting, etc. Let's look at some Domain Specific Tools examples.

School Management System

School management system manages a school's diverse activities, such as examinations, registration, enrollment, payments for teachers, time table, teacher training, etc.

Inventory Management

Managing multiple activities linked to raw or processed products in any business is called inventory control, such as buying , selling, ordering, delivery, stock maintenance, etc .. The software for inventory management ensures that stocks are never below specified limits, and purchases / deliveries are made in time.

Payroll Software

Payroll software conducts complete employee salary estimates, taking care of leave, bonus schemes, loans and so on. Payroll software is usually a component of HR (human resource) management software in mid-sized to big organizations.

Financial Accounting

Financial management software keeps the organisation's financial electronic transactions registered. It has many operational headings such as account receivables, payable accounts, loan repayments, salary, etc.

Restaurant Management

Software for restaurant management lets restaurant managers maintain track of inventory rates, daily orders, customer management, employee schedules, table reservations, etc.

Railway Reservation System

Railway reservation system is a software that manages multiple modules such as train routes, train scheduling, seat reservation, food reservation, train repairs, train status, package transport, etc.

Weather Forecasting System

Weather forecasting program is a real-time software that forecasts a place's weather by collecting a wealth of live data on atmospheric temperature , humidity , wind speed, etc. Used for forecasting major disasters such as earthquakes , hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.