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Basics of Computers Office Tools

Basics of Computers Office Tools

Computer software that helps users do regular office tasks, such as creating, updating and maintaining documents, handling large amounts of data, making reports, scheduling, etc. is called office resources. Using office tools saves time and effort, so you can quickly handle loads of routine activities. Some of the software which does that is–

  • Word processors
  • Spreadsheets
  • Database systems
  • Presentation software
  • E-mail tools

Let us look at some of these in detail.

Word Processor

A software designed to develop, store and modify text documents is named word processor. MS-Word, WordPad, WordPerfect, Google documents, etc., are popular word processors.

A word processor makes you−

  • Build and save documents, then edit them
  • Text format properties such as font, alignment, font colour, background color, etc.
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • Attach Images
  • Add header and footer, set margins for the page and insert watermarks


Spreadsheet is a software which helps users process and analyze tabular data. It is a resource for the computerized accounting. Information is often stored in a cell (the intersection of a row and a column), and formulas and functions are readily accessible for storing a set of cells. One of the common spreadsheet software includes MS-Excel, Gnumeric, Google Sheets and so on. Below is a list of things that can be carried out in a spreadsheet software-

  • Simple calculations such as additions, averages, counts etc.
  • Preparation of charts and graphs for an associated data group
  • Data Entry
  • Formatting of data
  • Formatting of cells
  • Logical comparison dependent calculations

Presentation Tool

Presentation tool allows users to view information that is broken down into small chunks and organized on pages called slides. A set of slides to offer an audience a coherent idea is called a presentation. The slides can be organized with text , images, tables, audio , video, or other multimedia information. Some common presentation tools are MS-PowerPoint, OpenOffice Inspire, Lotus Freelance, etc.

Database Management System

Database management system is called software which manages the storage, updating and retrieval of data by building databases. Some common resources for managing databases like MS-Access, MySQL, Oracle, FoxPro etc.