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Cloud Computing Management

Cloud Computing Management

Cloud provider is responsible for controlling the resources and their output. Data management covers many aspects of cloud computing, such as load control, efficiency, storage, backups, power, deployment, etc. Control is vital to achieving maximum resource flexibility in the cloud.

Cloud Management Tasks

The cloud provider manages a number of tasks to ensure the cloud resources are utilized effectively.

Audit System Backups

To ensure the preservation of randomly selected data of various users , it is important to inspect the backups timelyly. Backups can be carried out in the following ways:

  • The company's backup of files, from on-site computers to web-residing disks.
  • Cloud provider to back up files.

It is important to know if the cloud provider has encrypted the data, who has access to the data and whether the backup is taken at various places then the user must know the specifics of those places.

Data Flow of the System

It is the responsibility of managers to create a diagram which represents a detailed process flow. This process flow explains the movement across the cloud system of data belonging to an entity.

Vendor Lock-In Awareness and Solutions

Managers must be informed of the process to leave a particular cloud provider's services. The procedures must be established to allow the cloud managers to transfer an organization's data to another cloud provider from their system.

Knowing Provider’s Security Procedures

Managers should be informed of the Provider's security plans for the following services:

  • Multitenant use
  • E-commerce processing
  • Employee screening
  • Encryption policy

Monitoring Capacity Planning and Scaling Capabilities

Managers need to know about capacity planning and ensure the cloud provider satisfies the future ability requirement for their business or not.

The managers have to control the scaling capability to ensure services can be scaled up or down as required by the user.

Monitor Audit Log Use

To identify system errors, managers are expected to periodically audit the logs.

Solution Testing and Validation

When a service is provided by the cloud provider, it is essential to test it and ensure it provides the right result and is error-free. To be stable and efficient, a system needs this.