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How to create foreign key

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PHP MySQL Foreign Key

What is foreign key

  • A column is called foreign key when it refers to the primary key column of another table.
  • More than one(multiple) tables can be linked to each other by one or more common fields, called foreign keys.
  • foreign keys make it possible to create one-to-one or one-to-many relationships between different tables, and combine data from multiple tables.

Before defining foreign key we have to create Primary key table.
in this example we are creating a table “users” with 4 fields. first field “u_id” is primary key.

How to define Primary key


How to define foreign key


In this example we have create a table “fees” with 5 fields.
in this table “fee_id” is primary key and u_id is foreign key which refers primary key of first table(users).

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