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HTML Hyperlink

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HTML Hyperlink

HTML Link tag is used to connect a webpage to another webpage.
Anchor <a> tag is used to connect a webpage to each other. Using anchor tag we connect either a global web page like google, yahoo, facebook etc or we our won local web page.
If we want to connect with google wep_page in that case we have put completer url of google like “”
but for our local wep_page only need to give wepageName.extension inside href=”” attribute.


In the above example
Hyperlink is declare in an anchor tag <a> ..attribute href of anchor tag with (value=URL) specify the address of URL.

Another Property target with(value=”_self”) is open the url at the same page.

A statement is also type in middle of <a> tag to recognize the url name,yahoo.

Open the Google web page in new tab of your browser.

In the above example
if we set the target=”_blank”.. then url will open in a new tab.

Title Property of anchor tag(hyperlink)

Use title to show hint, title will display when You put mouse on the text.

How To Make an Image Hyperlink

To make an image hyperlink you have to use both anchor tag and image tag.
First create a hyperlink using anchor tag, now put the image tag in between anchor tag.

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