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Live project based PHP training in Noida

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Live Project Based PHP Training in Noida By Phptpoint

Best php training in noida
The Best PHP Training in Noida provides you the preeminent Assistance
PHP is a server-side scripting language that used in web development but the other use of this language is the general purpose in programming. It was made in 1994 when Rasmus Lerdorf wrote some CGI programs to maintain his personal homepage. Soon after he knew that these scripts are of lot more usage. So he extends the functionality of these scripts to make them work with forms & databases. Soon this is known as personal Homepages i.e. PHP.

A Brief Recap of PHP

  1. 1995:- Lerdorf announced the release of PHP & was officially known as Personal Home Page Tools (PHP tools).
  2. 1997-2006:- Many versions were released but no development found in the language.
  3. 2009:- A stable release was provided which has security fixes & included features such as namespace support, late static bindings, jump labels, native closures.
  4. 2012-13:- Bugs& security fixes are released.
  5. 2014:- This release includes future releases & includes various innovative features.

The universality of the language can be credited to the coders that made changes and additions to the software that allowed it to use a script processor. The current version of PHP is 7.0 and PHP 7.1 is released in November 2016.

Application of PHP

PHP can be used in various applications like e-commerce, social networking, mail engine etc. If you are up to learn PHP to create awesome websites for various needs, then you should get some formal training in PHP.

PHP Training In Noida

One of the best PHP training is provided in Noida. Here we are going to tell you some of the most popular PHP training institutes In Noida. Getting a good training in PHP will help you get a good job in the reputed companies. The training in PHP is mainly done in two parts i.e. Classrooms & Practical lab. This will help you to become better in solving the complex problems faced in the IT sector.

Live Projects Based php training in noida

Project-Based PHP Training in Noida

The PHP training involves ‘Hands-on-experience. If you know a concept then you must be able to implement it in the same way or better. The practice of comprehensive training will help the students to gain all the skills effectively & to apply them effectively during the work.

A successful training in PHP is incomplete without a live project. If you will create an awesome project in PHP, then you should show them to the recruiters. The project can be shown in a pen drive or other storage device. But don’t you think we are not in 2004 or earlier. The live project is a concept where you host your website on the server & shows all the details live on the Internet. This will not only show all your work clearly but will also show all the functionalities that your project does.

Advantages of Live Projects

  • It’s better than to carry your project in the pen drive. The Internet will show your project effectively & you can showcase more of your talent.
  • In some cases, may your project have some hardware or software dependency while running on a local PC. The internet will help you to come up with all these problems

Top Reasons to Choose PHP Training in Noida

  1. The institute in NOIDA for PHP training as builds on the IT industry standard.
  2. The training modules & course content is planned by the dedicated staff of institutes.
  3. The mentors at the institute have more than 15 years of experience in the same field.
  4. The lab facilities are working 24X7, which can be accessed by the students anytime.
  5. Self-Study& discussions are organized for students to gain more knowledge.
  6. Various study material, PDF & video lectures are provided to the trainees.
  7. Some institutes provide hostel facilities for the students in NOIDA.
  8. Students are allowed to take the class of a single topic multiple times.

Placement Assistance After the Completion of PHP Training

  • The institutes in Noida are the world leaders in providing placements to the students with the help of the dedicated staff of placement cell who assists students for the better opportunity.
  • The institute provides assistance to the students to build an impressive resume as per the latest trends in Industry.
  • Students are encouraged to attend GD, PHP Interview Questions, and Presentation etc that helps students to build overall personality. This helps them to present themselves better in the Interviews.
  • Many of the students who studied at these Institutes get a good job in the Brand companies.
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