Online Banking System

Online Banking System is a web application that ensures a registered user to enjoy banking online. This Online Banking project is a web application where you can transfer money to other users and can have a close watch on all your transactions.

Also we have added extra security features to our Online Banking System project. The features are the mail verification for new registered users . A new user needs to verify his email id once before logging in to Online Banking System. Also when a registered user adds another user as his beneficiary, he gets a verification mail. And, he has to verify the beneficiary before making any transactions.

So this bank management system project allows user to safely meet your all banking requirements like transfer money, view your transaction history and request bank for money.

The Online Banking system project in PHP is an online banking project in PHP which you can download for free.



  • Register a user by providing your details.
  • Also an email verification mail is sent to your registered email id when you get registered.
  • By getting registered you will be logged in and you get your dashboard in front of your screen.
  • Also a amount of $10000 is transferred to your account from admin as welcome Amount from Bank.
  • If you logout for first time and then login , you will get a message on screen to “please verify your email id before logging in”.
  • After verifying your email id, you can add beneficiary by entering beneficiaries’s account number and maximum transfer limit
  • And a mail is sent to your email id to approve beneficiary.
  • You can not transfer money to an unapproved beneficiary.
  • Once you approve a beneficiary, you can send money to him within the maximum transfer limit that has been sent by you.
  • Also you can view your transaction details in account statement section.
  • And you can also request bank to transfer money to your account just by entering the required amount by the user.
  • As the bank(Admin) approves the requested amount, you will get the requested amount in to your bank account.
  • You can also edit your personal profile in the profile section.


  • Admin is the backbone of the online banking system project.
  • He is responsible and can track everything within the bank management system project.
  • Admin can view profile of each user.
  • Can track transaction details of each user.
  • Approve Requested amount to the user.
  • Admin can block or unblock user, if a user is blocked then he cannot login and cannot access the Online banking system.
  • Admin can also edit the personal details of a registered user.

Live Demo(Admin Panel)

Live Demo(User Panel)

  • Manju Dn

    hello sir in netbanking how can user is going to register

    • There is a registration form on user panel, user need to verify the user through mail and admin can approve or disapprove the user. (see user panel video)

      • Manju Dn

        sir when i run this project on xamp server it will shows the output in totally different manner compared to what you are explained in user panel vedio,why this so..?

        • U are trying to run other because its paid project and u didn’t purchased this , after Payment u will got the source code.

          • Manju Dn

            And sir i need to confirm one thing that–“it is neccessary to use the mvc architecture in developing php web application.Did you use the mvc architecture in your paid project..

          • Yes its in MVC(code-igniter)

          • Manju Dn

            in free netbanking project ther is no mvc right

          • Manju Dn

            sir i need purchase php project that is seems to be unique,is there is any project like that

          • This is also Paid and Unique

          • Manju Dn

            ok sir fine then,how can i going to purchase that one

          • Manju Dn

            sir i want it on laravel php framework,it is possible

          • Not at this time.

          • Elvis Marshal

            I thought this is a free project please I need it, I can drop my mail, I have netbanking but I think I like this one more

          • Tafadzwa Chamisa

            hi i need to pay for this but i can only add to cart and there isnt any checkout option.what is wrong is there aany other alternative option

  • Abdullahi Issack

    May u send me the source code of Restaurant management system In PHp

    • We don’t have the source code of “Restaurant Management System ” at this time.

  • olu olateru

    Hello, I need this project badly, i am also a developer but i will need a whole lot of customization customization.

    Please how can i contact you to discuss the details of the customization? URGENT PLS

    • Tafadzwa Chamisa

      hi did u find it ?

      • olu olateru

        Yes, thanks.

        • Tafadzwa Chamisa

          hey i need your help finding it .i cant seem to find it as well .please i need your help desperately

          • Sorry for inconvenience , website is upgrading now paypal is ok

  • Michael

    I would love to also have the source code. i also need to customise it


    • Its Paid Project. I will upload its Free Version ASAP.

      • Kinq JO

        hello, where can i find the Free version?

  • krishna dahal

    how to download this project