Online Notice Board

Objective of Online Notice Board Project

An online notice board is a place where people can leave any types of messages and notifications, for example, to advertise things, announce events or provide any information.
Notice board online it can be placed on digital devices such computers, tabs, mobile phones etc.

This online notice board project is very helpful for all type of users like existing users and new users. So admin can leave and erase notification for other people to read and see.

The main aim of this free online notice board project is make information dissemination much easier in a paperless community as the world tends to interact with the online notice board facility as an project, Online notice board admin can send the notification to the particular students regarding fee payments, results, any new activity happen in college campus or college fest participation, libraries dues, hostel room payments, any workshop registrations, warnings and reminders etc for this work online notice board project is make all work much easier and understandable to all.

This online notice board work generally intends to act as a support system for the all users.
By the help of free online notice board users can access the notifications and articles quickly not only in the particular premises, also wherever and whenever they need to know.

Online notice board usability is fully capable of passing relevant notices and announcements, and keeping the users update from time to time.
The students are kept updated each time with the online notice board for college is uploaded based on their preferences with respect to the departments and categories through a notice board online.

Online notice board is one of the applications to improve the usage of notice board of the college by making it available online.
This web application involves almost all the features of online notice board.

In the online notice board project all the updates like, add, delete, view are done by admin, so that user will get the updated current information through notice board online .

System Actors and User.

The system has two major actors and each actor has its features to carry out as follows:


Admin is the person who controls, monitors and keeps the whole follow of the system. The main functions of the Admin are:

  • To keep and track down the total number of users in the system.
  • Can add, activate and deactivate any user.
  • Add New Notice and send notice to Registered users
  • Display Old Notice and Manage Old notice
  • Update Password


Student is a knowledge seeker, or more theoretical word, a learner. The student has to be registered and log in into the system before he/she carries out their functions.

  • Student Registration
  • Login
  • Check Notification sent by admin
  • Update Profile
  • Update Password
  • Log out the whole system

Language used to developed Online Notice Board

Front end : HTML, CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap
Middle end : PHP
Back end : MySQLi

Installation Guidance

  • Download Online Notice Board Project
  • Unzip and rename(if u want to rename the project)
  • Copy and Paste Unzipped file inside www or htdocs(www if using WAMP server, use htdocs if using XAMPP Server)
  • Create a new/blank database named “notice_board”
  • Select newly created database and import “notice_board.sql” file from db folder
  • Open your browser and type in URL “localhost/Online_notice_board”.

Downloading and Installation Steps

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