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  • fred muia

    nice project

  • Tanuj Goyal

    i am not able to download the report file……plzzzz send me report file on this mail
    plzzzz do it fast its urgent

    • Hello Tanuj
      Report is also given above u need to follow the steps , if still have problem let me know i will send u

      • Tanuj Goyal

        Mr. Rai when i click on download option its shows me 404 error…..plzzz send me on my above mentioned e-mail

        • Tanuj Goyal

          its urgent plzz send me report of online voting at

          • Project Report Sent to You Tanuj

          • mrinal

            sir can u please send that report to me , actually sir i have to submit tommorow. please send it to –

          • Project Report is also given above.

          • mrinal

            sir the link is giving the error. not able to download it . ” 404
            The page you requested was not found ”

          • Project Report Sent to You.

          • mrinal

            Thanks sir , for the report

          • mrinal will u please share the project report with me mail me there –

            anyone please help

            @disqus_BxeyP98Gga:disqus @disqus_ZJtw1JWcrl:disqus @disqus_pVEMyH0SRY:disqus

  • Jayanti Akanksha

    sir can u plz send me report File

  • tobias odion

    pls sir sanjeev send me the report through Please the database file is absent in the online system zip.Please can you send it also. Thank you

    • Check the database folder there is database file

      • tobias odion

        thanks.i ve seen it.Pls what about the report. I will really appreciate it

  • Bishwajit Medhi

    Sir, plz send me the report of this project… download link is not working…. send me on this mail plzzz… thnx

  • Praveg Shrestha

    Hello Sir..It is showing 404 error while trying to download the project report…Please send me the report in my email address