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PHP Comparative Operators

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PHP comparative operators

lets you Compare one variable or value with another via its wide range of comparison operators.

Common Comparison Operators
Operatos Description
== Equal to
=== Equal to and of the same type
!= Not equal to
!== Not equal to and of the same type
> Greater than
< Less than
>= Greater than or equal to
<= Less than or equal to

Here’s example illustrating these operators in action

Eg ( == and === )

in the above example.
Two variable $x , $y define
$x hold the value 10
$y hold value 10.0

Now perform several operation on this
First check ($x==$y)=>it returns true because the value for both is same
Second Check($x===$y)=>it returns false because now it also compare data-type. $y hold a float value.

Difference between ( == and === )

($bool==$int) it returns true because both have same value

$int= (integer)1
($bool===$int) its return false because both have different data type

Use of( >, <, >=, <= )

$a hold the value 10
$b hold the value 11

check ($a>$b)=> returns false because $a less than $b.
check($a>=$b)=> returns true because $a neighter grater nor equal to $b.

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