PHP Create registration and login form using file handling - php template -

PHP Create registration and login form using file handling

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Create Registration and Login page PHP

Registration and Login form using file handling – here if the user is found to be a new user

He must have registered with the website to access the contents/functionality of the website.
All the information such as name, password, mobile number are filled up using the HTML form.
The information provided by him are stored in separate files and the different directories.

email provided by him are used as file name and password is stored in it for future references.
if the already register user want to access the website, he need to provide username and password which is crosschecked by the name of file and password .

if both values are found to be correct , the session for the user is created, he is redirected to the homepage , he can browse the different pages based on his access rights.
in this way,
access of information to any unauthorized user can be denied.if any user has lo-gout. The session for him get destroyed .at this time even if he press back-button ,he need to
login again ie he is redirected to the login page.

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