Student Management System

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  • Varsha P M

    sir how can i download free projects

  • Saurya Janbandhu

    sir how do i download mobile store project ?

    • Provide u Download link ASAP. i will upload on my website ASAP.

  • Umer Armaghan

    Sir, Please Give a link of mobile store project ..

    • Hello Umer
      I will upload the project download link on the website Soon. Pls visit after few days.

  • Amita VAmita

    Plz send me the online Mobile store project along with the project report and documentation. My id-

    • Hello Amita
      We will provide u download link ASAP

  • Doge The Meme

    Can you please end me the link to the student management system to

  • Nishant Ranjan

    plz send me the online mobile store project alog with the project report and documentation
    my mail-id—

  • Asif m

    sir can u send me the project of online charity website its of php and mysql mini project please sir

  • Ahmed Hassan

    please can you send the project tom my email

  • Ariful Haque

    can you send the school management projcet to my email ?
    my email is :

  • Sanjana Irin

    Can i please get a project on online course management … n my mail id is:

    • Hello Sanjana
      At this time we don’t have the same Project. Do you have any documents ???

  • Al Arif Mohamad Jan

    hi , do you have any project about transfer credit hour system?

    • Not at this time. If you have proper documents share with us. We will try to implement ASAP.

  • Incognito V

    Hi, how can I get the Student Management System? My email is:

    • Its a simple mini project for 12th standard students

  • Baroz Khan

    Sir please send me the source code of Teacher management system

    • its small project for 12th students not for engineering student

  • Nilanjan Mukherjee

    Please send me the source code and documentation of Job portal recruitment engine project