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PHP Polymorphism

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Polymorphism in PHP

This word is can from Greek word poly and morphism.

Poly means “many” and morphism means property which help us to assign more than one property.

=> Overloading Same method name with different signature, since PHP doesn’t support method overloading concept

=> Overriding When same methods defined in parents and child class with same signature i.e know as method overriding

Method Overriding

Warning: Missing argument 3 for child::add(), called in
C:xampplitehtdocsdboverriding.php on line 21 and defined in C:xampplitehtdocsdboverriding.php on line 13
Sum of three number = 1500

Eg ii

Sum = 1500

In the above example
class base have a method add with two signature the same method name with same signature defined in class child also.
But when we call the method add( ) through object of its child, its own method have performed (addition of two number). It means child class add( ) method override its base class method add( ).

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