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Selenium IDE Login Test

Selenium IDE Login Test

In this part, you will learn how to build a Login Test case in Selenium IDE.

To get the login credentials first you have to sign up. We've already generated our login credentials for this test. We'll now generate a test script to create a Selenium IDE Login Test.

  • Start browser Firefox.
  • On the top right corner of your browser, click on the Selenium icon.
  • It will trigger the default Selenium IDE interface.
  • Go to your browser on Firefox and open the URL:
  • Enter the name of the project as "Check login"
  • Enter the name of the test case as "Case 1 test"
  • To start test case recording, click on the "Start Recording" button.
  • Go to your Firefox browser and right-click any blank space on the page, and select the option Selenium IDE.
  • Click Selenium IDE > Assert Title. The command Assert Title ensures correct page title.
  • Now, click the Login button at the top of the website.
  • Click the Login button to fill in the login credentials. Meanwhile, at the extreme right corner of your browser, you'll get notifications of the actions performed by IDE.
  • Press on the User Name section to show your account details once you have logged-in.
  • It will redirect you to the Settings page of your account where you can edit your personal details.
  • Click the logout button.
  • Now go to the IDE button and click Stop Recording to avoid recording the test case.

2. Playing Back

  • Click on the "Run Current Test" button in the IDE toolbar menu. It will perform all of your browser interactions and give you an overall summary of the test script that has been executed.
  • The Log pane displays the total summary of the test scripts being executed.

3. Saving the test suite

  • Click on the save button present in the menu bar's extreme right corner.
  • Save as "Login Test" all test suite.
  • You can find the test suite at the place provided in the above steps.