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Selenium IDE

Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Within the Selenium Suite, selenium IDE (Integrated Production Environment) is an open source web automation testing tool. Unlike Selenium WebDriver and RC, writing its test scripts doesn't involve any programming logic but you can simply document your user experiences to build test cases. You can then use the replay method to rewrite the test cases.

Creating test cases on Selenium IDE does not involve any programming language, however while using selenese commands such as runScript, a little experience before JavaScript will be helpful for you to better understand the concepts. You may also refer our tutorial for JavaScript, given under the URL:

The following table lists the sections that we are going to cover in this chapter.

Sr No Title & Description
1. Download Selenium IDE
This chapter identifies how Selenium IDE can be installed and designed.
2. Selenium IDE Features
This section details the features found in Selenium IDE.
3. Creating Selenium IDE Tests
This section looks at how to create IDE tests using the recording functionality.
4. Selenium IDE Script Debugging
This section deals with debugging the Selenium IDE script.
5. Inserting Verification Points
This section describes how to insert verification points in Selenium IDE.
6. Selenium Pattern Matching
This section deals with how to work with regular expressions using IDE.
7. Selenium User Extensions
The Java script that allows users to customize or add new functionality.
8. Different Browser Execution
This section deals with how to execute Selenium IDE scripts on different browsers.