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What is XML

What is XML

  • XML(eXtensible Markup Language) is the language of marking up.
  • XML is configured for the data collection and transfer.
  • Xml started out in the late 90's. It was designed to make data easy to use and to store data describing itself.
  • On 10 February 1998, XML became a W3C Recommendation.
  • XML is no match for HTML.
  • XML is created to be self-descriptive.
  • XML is designed for data conveyance, not data display.
  • No predefined XML tags. You'll need to define your own tags.
  • XML is an independent platform, and an independent language.

What is mark-up language

A markup language is a modern system for highlighting a document or highlighting it.

Students often stress or highlight a passage that can be easily revised, the same is replaced by tags in the sense of modern marking up language that emphasizes or underlines.

Why xml

xml's main advantage is that you can use it to take data from a program like Microsoft SQL, convert it to XML, then share it with other programs and platforms. You may communicate with two normally rather difficult platforms.

His international acceptance is the main thing which makes XML truly powerful. Many companies use XML interfaces for databases, programming, mobile phones for office apps and more. It's because of the independent feature of its platform.