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XQuery Features

XQuery Features

XQuery query language has many features to it. Here is a list of the key features:

  • The XQuery language is usable. This is used for XML based data extraction and query.
  • XQuery is a programming language oriented to expression with a basic type system.
  • SQL is similar to XQuery. For example: While SQL is database query language, the same as XQuery is XML query language.
  • XQuery is based on XPath, which uses XPath expressions to manipulate XML documents.
  • XQuery is a standard W3C application supported universally by all large databases.

Advantages of XQuery

  • XQuery may be used to collect hierarchical as well as tabular data.
  • XQuery may also be used to query tree structures and graphical structures.
  • XQUery may be used to create Web pages.
  • Web sites may be queried via XQuery.
  • XQuery is suitable for databases focused on XML and entity bases. Databases on artifacts are far more versatile and efficient than strictly tabular databases.