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The C programs are defined with clear and easy to understand examples that will make you understand each and every topic in programs. On this page, you’ll find the easiest, tips and tricks that are necessary for a sustainable way of programming. These discussed programs are generally asked in the interview very commonly.

The list of these programs includes the Fibonacci series, prime number, palindrome number, factorial, Armstrong number, sum of digits, reverse number, and many more.
Here are some of the important programs in the C programming language:

c programs Index

Sr.No. Topics
1 LCM Program in C
2 GCD Program in C
3 strcmp in C
4 fgets C
5 C program to check whether number is Perfect Square or not
6 C Program to convert from decimal to binary
7 C Program to Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
8 C Program to design a TIC TAC TOE game
9 Write a C Program to design a calculator using switch case
10 C Program to find class of an IP Address
11 C Program to generate random numbers within a range
12 Write a C Program to print table of number from 1 to 20
13 C Program to design a digital clock
14 C Program to design Age Calculator
15 C Program to guess a random number
16 C Program to check valid date
17 C Program to convert hexadecimal to integer
18 C Program to convert String into Hexadecimal
19 C Program for EMI Calculator
20 C Program to find Binary Addition and Binary Subtraction
21 C Program to solve polynomial equation
22 C Program to store date in an integer variable
23 C Program to store time in an integer variable
24 Fibonacci Series in C
25 Prime Number program in C
26 Palindrome program in C
27 Factorial Number Program in C
28 Armstrong Number Program in C
29 C Program to reverse number
30 C Program to swap two numbers
31 c program to check odd or even
32 c program to find sum of two numbers
33 c program to check positive or negative
34 c program to find sum of even and odd numbers
35 c program to check vowel or consonant using switch

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