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PHP Programs

PHP Programs

Here there are most important PHP programs that are frequently asked in the interview. These programs are from PHP basics, PHP control statements, PHP array, PHP string, PHP oops, PHP file handling etc.

PHP Programs Index

Sr.No. Topics
1 Find Minimum value of an array
2 PHP get max value in array
3 Find second largest number in array
4 PHP get highest value in multidimensional array
5 Sort an array in PHP
6 Sort an array in descending order in PHP
7 Age calculator in PHP
8 How to Get the Current Page URL
9 Convert Number into Words in PHP
10 Simple Steps to Fix 403 Forbidden Errors
11 How To Change Port of Apache
12 Get Multiple checkbox value in PHP
13 How to Print January to December using PHP
14 PHP Read Pdf file
15 How to remove duplicate characters from string
16 How to reverse words in a string
17 How to Get Difference between two dates
18 Sum of two numbers without using + operator in PHP
19 Check A Number is Prime or Not in PHP
20 How to get IP address in PHP
21 PHP Program to find the area of a given triangle
22 PHP Program to find armstrong number
23 PHP Program to check number is even or odd
24 PHP Program to print the factorial of a given number
25 PHP Program to print the Fibonacci series

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