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Information Security Cyber Law Tutorial

Information Security Cyber Law Tutorial

The Internet has become all-encompassing now; it touches every human being's life. We may not undermine the advantages of the Internet, but its anonymous existence enables various cybercrimes to be committed by miscreants. This is a brief tutorial explaining the cyber laws in place to keep cybercrimes under control. It establishes various IT protection measures, in addition to cyber laws, that can be used to protect sensitive data against possible cyber threats.


To gain knowledge of cyber laws and IT security, anybody who uses a computer system and the Internet to communicate with the world can use this tutorial.


You should have a simple understanding of the Internet and its adverse consequences.

Information Security Cyber Law Tutorial Index

Sr.No. Topics
1 Cyber Law & IT Act Overview
2 Cyber Law Objectives
3 Intellectual Property Right
4 Cyber Security Strategies
5 Policies To Mitigate Cyber Risk
6 Network Security
7 Information Technology Act, 2000
8 Digital & Electronic Signatures
9 Offences & Penalties

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