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HTML Tutorial

HTML Tutorial For Beginners

HTML Tutorial

HTML is an abbreviated form of hypertext markup language and it is considered as the most widely used language used for the website development.
HTML was founded in 1991 and this language was created by Berners-Lee, however, HTML 2.0 was the first known among the users.
A known version was HTML 4.01 and nowadays we are making use of HTML 5 version and that is an extended version. It was first recognized in 2012.

In this HTML tutorial, we will teach you from the absolute beginning that how to build your first website, what should be the layout of page, how to add image and text, how to add tables and headings much more. this is the best HTML tutorial for beginners who want to learn it step by step in a easy way.

HTML Introduction

HTML stands for Hypertext markup language. HTML is the client-side scripting language i.e, used to design a static web page.
Here every single word has its own meaning i.e. Hyper means reference link, text means data, mark-up means predefined, language means something that needs to communicate.
Every web page designed is HTML has an extension ".html or .htm". Editor used to design the HTML static web page are notepad or notepad++. Every HTML script will be executed in any web browser.

Why learning HTML is important ?

In the beginning, HTML developed just to define documents structural layout, headings, paragraphs, list and much more.
However, in the present time, HTML is being used on a large platform and across the globe to create web pages with the help of tags accessible in HTML language.

Nowadays HTML has turned important for students as well as for professionals which helps in turning you in to a software engineer. Here is a small description of the benefits of learning HTML:

Make a website : design a website or you can customize any web template if you have learned HTML very well.

Work as a professional web designer : if you are looking to be a web designing professional then it’s important to be skilled in HTML and CSS designing.

Learn web : if you know HTML very well, you are able to optimize your website successfully and definitely you get good results.

Know other languages : if you have knowledge of basics of HTML then understanding other technologies like javascript, PHP or Angular become easy to understand.

Benefits associated with HTML

As we have described above, HTML is used to its utmost level over the web and few of these benefits are mentioned here:

Web Pages Development : HTML is one such language used on the web and you’ll find every page including HTML tags mention its details in the browser.

Internet Navigation : With the help of HTML tags one person is able to navigate from one page to another and most widely used in internet navigation.

Responsive UI : nowadays HTML pages work successfully on all the platforms like mobile, tablets, laptops, PCs, as the language helps in creating a responsive web design.

Offline support : if you have created the HTML pages, no worries, you have an option to access them offline.

Game development : HTML5 is a wonderful option capable in offering the users a wonderful experience as it can be used successfully in gaming development also.


With the help of HTML tutorial, one can create the page and it offers an opportunity for web designers and developers with the complete understanding of HTML.

The tutorial offers you the complete overview, practical examples and here you get the complete information begins from basic to practical example.

In this tutorial you get complete mix of details to give a start to HTML that helps you in taking yourself to a new level of expertise.


Before you head on with this tutorial, it is necessary to have the basic knowledge with Windows or Linux operating system; you need to aware of the following:

  • Must have hands-on experience with notepad, notepad++, or Edit plus, etc.
  • Should have knowledge of creating directories, files on your PC.
  • Knowledge of navigation to different directories.
  • Must know about how to type content and saving process on a PC.
  • Knowledge about images in various formats like JPEG, PNG format, etc.

HTML Section

HTML Section

Basically HTML is divided into two sections i.e. Head section and Body section. Head part contains the title of the page. Body part contains other tags of the web page like title, headings, image, table,etc. Head section :HTML include pair of tags, and to identify the heading and title of a document. The tag appear in this section. Body section : The body of HTML contains the text that will show up on web page.The Body section enclosed within and tags. It gives document layout and structure.


HTML Tutorial Index

Sr.No. Topics
1 HTML Introduction
2 HTML Tags
3 HTML Headings
4 HTML Paragraph
5 HTML Hyperlink
6 HTML Marquee
7 HTML Font
8 HTML List
9 HTML Table
10 HTML Form
11 HTML Registration Form
12 HTML Login Form
13 HTML Attributes
14 HTML Tutorial PDF
15 HTML Formatting
16 HTML Styles
17 HTML Quotations
18 HTML Iframes
19 HTML Images

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