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PHP Object Oriented

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Object Oriented Programming Tutorial PHP

Tutorial PHP Class Object
Tutorial PHP $this Class
Tutorial PHP Constructor and Destructor
Tutorial PHP Encapsulation
Tutorial PHP Inheritance
Tutorial PHP Polymorphism
Tutorial PHP Access Modifier
Tutorial Use of Final Keyword
Tutorial PHP Abstract And Interface Class
Tutorial Insert/Update/Display/Delete data Using OOP
Tutorial Display Data From MySQL Using OOP

OOPs (object oriented programming system) concept is use to make powerful, robust and secure programming instructions.

With any language reference there are only three basic object oriented prog concept.

  1. Encapsulation and data abstraction
  2. Inheritence
  3. Polymorphism

Advantages of OOPs

  • Real world programming
  • Ability to simulate real world event much more effectively.
  • Reusable of code
  • Information hiding
  • Programmers are able to reach their goals faster.

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