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Javascript Tutorial for Begineers

What is JavaScript ?

JavaScript is a client side scripting language. Client side refers to run on client browser.

It is an event based scripting language. JavaScript is most popular front-end language

It is originally developed by Netscape in the mid of 1990, initially known as liveScript. It was later rename as JavaScript in 1995.

We use JavaScript for manipulate our content & interactivity on our web pages dynamically. JavaScript support object oriented programming concepts.

Why Should Study JavaScript ?

JavaScript is one of the three languages every web developers should learn:

  1. HTML to describe the content of web pages
  2. CSS is to specify the layout of web pag
  3. JavaScript is to program the behavior of web pages

Application of JavaScript

  • JavaScript is used to create interactive websites. It is mainly used for:
  • Client-side validation,
  • Dynamic drop-down menus
  • Displaying date and time
  • Showing or in another language we can say displaying pop-up windows and dialog boxes (like alert dialog box, confirm dialog box and prompt dialog box),
  • Showing or in another language we can say displaying clocks etc.

What we can do with the help of JavaScript?

  • Modify our web pages content.
  • Manipulate our web pages style & create special effects on the specific area of web pages.
  • Add the Events on our web pages like onclick, mousehover, mouseout, onsubmit etc.
  • Create alert pop-up for user interaction like display message, warning or notice.
  • We can generate output on the basis of user’s input.
  • We can validate our web pages information before the submission of data by user or client.

Topics We will Cover in Javascript Tutorial

Sr.No. Topics
1 javascript form validation
2 Registration form with javascript validation
3 submit form without submit button
4 How to create a countdown timer in jquery
5 Allow Only Numbers in Textbox Javascript
6 How to allow alphabets in text-box using JavaScript

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