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C++ Tutorial

C++ Programming Language Tutorial for beginners

learn C++ Programming Language Tutorial for beginners and professionals at PHPTPPOINT our tutorials have been designed to give you an inside out concept of the C++. Come fall in love with C++ with our C++ tutorials for beginners as well as the professionals in the field.

C++ is known to be an object-oriented programming language. This is an extension of C programming.

C++ Tutorial

Learn C++ language on PHPTPOINT, the C++ programs for beginners and professionals covers all major topics of C++ like first example, control statements, objects and classes, inheritance, encapsulation, arrays, strings, exception handling, constructor, destructor, static, polymorphism, abstraction, abstract class, interface, namespace,File IO, etc.

Come fall in love with C++ with our C++ tutorials for beginners as well as the professionals in the field!!

Let's get introduced to C++

C++ is often known as general purpose, case-sensitive, exclusive of programming language that supports object-oriented, procedural, and generic programming. C++ is also called as middle-level language as it entertain both high and low level language features.

Object Oriented Programing (OOPs)

C++ favors the object-oriented programming. The four major factors of object oriented programming that are used in C++ are as follows:

  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction

Our C++ programming tutorial delivers the basic and advanced concepts of C++.

C++ standard libraries

Standard C++ programming is mainly divided into three major parts:

  • The core library of C++ includes the data types, variables and literals, etc.
  • The standard library of C++ includes the set of functions manipulating strings, files, etc.
  • The Standard Template Library (STL) of C++ includes the set of methods manipulating a data structure.

What are the usage of C++?

C++ programming language is meant to be helpful in development of different types of secured and robust applications:

  • Window application
  • Client-Server application
  • Device drivers
  • Embedded firmware

Applications of C++

C++ is the programming languages that is most widely used in the world. It has scattered its presence in almost every inch of the software development world. Here are some of the applications of C++:

  • Application Software Development - C++ programming has been used widely in developing almost all the major Operating Systems like Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Leaving apart the operating systems, the core part of many browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Chrome have been written by using C++. It also has been used in developing the most popular database system called MySQL.
  • Programming Languages Development - C++ has been used majorly in developing new programming languages like C#, Perl, UNIX’s C Shell, Java, JavaScript, PHP and Python, and Verilog etc.
  • Computation Programming - C++ is known for its fast speed and computational efficiencies.
  • Games Development - C++ is vigorously fast that allows the programmers to perform procedural programming for CPU’s intensive functions and deliver control over hardware due to which it has been used widely in development of gaming engines.
  • Embedded System - C++ is being used extensively in developing Medical and Engineering Applications like software for MRI machines, high-end CAD/CAM systems etc.


Our C++ tutorial has been designed for the beginners and professionals to assist them in understanding the basics to advanced concepts of C++. We have designed our C++ tutorial to deliver optimum efficiency.


Please note that before you start practicing with various examples depicted in this C++ tutorial it is recommended that you should be aware of the basics of computer program and computer programming language.

Here is an example of C++ program:

#include <iostream>  
using namespace std;  
int main() 
   cout << "Hello C++ Programming";  
   return 0;  

C++ Tutorial Index

Sr.No. Topics
1 C Vs CPP
2 C++ history
3 C++ features
4 C++ Installation
5 c++ Syntax
6 C++ Comments
7 C++ Variable
8 C++ Basic Input/Output
9 C++ Data Types
10 C++ Operators
11 C++ Keywords
12 C++ if-else
13 C++ Switch
14 C++ For Loop
15 C++ While Loop
16 C++ Do While Loop
17 C++ Functions
18 C++ Call By Value & Call By Reference
19 C++ Arrays
20 C++ Multi-Dimensional Arrays
21 C++ Strings
22 C++ Numbers
23 C++ Pointers
24 C++ Date and Time
25 C++ Data Structures
26 C++ OOPs Concepts
27 C++ Classes and Objects
28 C++ Constructor
29 C++ Copy Constructor
30 C++ Destructor
31 C++ This Pointer
32 C++ Static
33 C++ structs
34 C++ Friend Function
35 C++ Inheritance
36 C++ Polymorphism
37 C++ method Overloading
38 C++ method Overriding
39 C++ Class Access Modifiers
40 C++ Virtual Function
41 C++ Interface
42 C++ Data Abstraction
43 C++ Namespaces
44 C++ Exception Handling
45 C++ try catch
46 C++ File Streams

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