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CodeIgniter Tutorial

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CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners

CodeIgniter Tutorial

Codeigniter Tutorial : Learn In 15 Days

TutorialCodeIgniter tutorial
TutorialCodeIgniter Overview
TutorialCodeIgniter Installing
TutorialCodeIgniter Application Architecture
TutorialCodeIgniter MVC Framework
TutorialWhat is controller
TutorialWhat is View
TutorialWhat is Model
TutorialWhat is Model
TutorialCodeIgniter Insert Data into Database
TutorialCodeigniter display data from database
TutorialCodeigniter delete database record
TutorialCodeigniter update database record
TutorialCreate registration form in codeigniter
TutorialCreate login form in Codeigniter
TutorialCodeIgniter Insert Data into Database Helper Class
TutorialGeneral CodeIgniter Interview Questions

CodeIgniter tutorial, As we all know Codeigniter is a PHP Application Development based framework, a toolkit- for building websites using PHP.

It is a simple, elegant and powerful toolkit with a very small footprint, used by those developers who want to create full-featured Web Applications.

Codeigniter Tutorial – Develop your own projects

With the help of this tutorial, you will be able to develop your project faster as Codeigniter Framework provides a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks, also a logical structure and simple interface to access these libraries.

It simply minimizes the amount of code needed for a given task while working on your project.

This Codeigniter tutorial will cover everything from scratch, orderly and systematically, to enable you to operate it fully.

Topics as Mentioned: Codeigniter Installing, Codeigniter Architect, Models, view, Database Configuration, Controller, Display RecordDelete Record example etc.



This Codeigniter tutorial is useful for developers who want to develop websites with creativity and ease using Codeigniter framework, as well as for the beginners who want to understand the same from scratch.



We suggest you that, for acquiring complete benefits of this tutorial, you should already have knowledge of core PHP, HTML, and Advance PHP.

For this tutorial, codeigniter version of 3.0.1 has been used for all the examples. In case you want to brush up on core PHP, HTML, and Advance PHP, or any of it, you can see Our tutorials on the same using the following links.

For Queries and Problems:

Even though we hope that you don’t find any problem during the tutorial, still in-case you encounter any problem kindly post it in the contact form, we will personally assist you on the same.

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