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How To Change Port of Apache

Why we need to change the port number ?

We need to change the port number of Apache as the port number of Apache(WAMP) and some other Web Server conflicts with other. Usually it conflicts with SKYPE Or IIS.

Most of the times, SKYPE,IIS and Apache have the same port number. Server installed first assigned port number 8080 so other Server need to assign different port.

Change the port number of Apache in WAMP/XAMPP Server.

Step 1. Go to the WAMP/XAMPP -> Apache -> httpd.conf(click on this to open).



Step 2. Press the keys CTRL+F find 80. You will find 80 at three place of the file convert that to 40 or whatever you want and save the file.


Step 3.Restart the server and access the localhost as http/localhost:port_number(http/localhost:40).


Change the port number in SKYPE

Go to the technical settings of SKYPE and disable or uncheck “listen to port 80”. WAMP Server will start working.

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