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Sr.No. Topics
1 JavaScript code to check number is Perfect or not
2 JavaScript code to check number is Armstrong or not
3 JavaScript code to check whether a Number is Prime or Not
4 JavaScript code to find largest of three numbers
5 Check number is palindrome or not in JavaScript
6 How to build a calculator using JavaScript
7 Disable right click on webpage with JavaScript
8 Print a fibonacci series in JavaScript
9 How to copy text to clipboard with JavaScript
10 How to Get browser details through JavaScript
11 Create a forward and back buttons in JavaScript
12 How to Get the size of a file with JavaScript
13 How to find absolute value of a number in JavaScript
14 Create functions with default arguments in JavaScript
15 Find the larger of two numbers in JavaScript
16 Count occurrence of a particular character in a string in JavaScript
17 Get current date, month and year in JavaScript
18 How to parse number from string in JavaScript
19 Reverse an array in JavaScript
20 Dynamically add CSS class with JavaScript
21 How to get the extension of a file using JavaScript
22 Generate random number within a range in JavaScript
23 Display Input Text into Lowercase using JavaScript
24 Check/Uncheck all Checkboxes on Button Click using JavaScript
25 Convert a number into different base in JavaScript
26 Print value of all checked (selected) Checkboxes on Button click using JavaScript

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