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Django Features

Django Features

Django Framework has some very useful features which are listed here :

  • Rapid Development
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Versatile
  • Fully loaded
  • Open Source
  • Vast and Supported Community

Rapid Development

Django was designed to form a framework that will take less time to create a web application. The project implementation phase may be a very time taken but Django creates it rapidly in comparatively less time.


Django is scalable in nature and it also has the ability to quickly and flexibly switch from small scale application project to large scale application project.


Django helps developers to avoid many common security mistakes, like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, etc. It has a user authentication system that provides a secure way to manage the user account and password.


Django is versatile in nature which allows it to build applications for different domains. Django is being used to build various types of applications like content management systems, social networks sites, or scientific computing platforms, etc.

Fully loaded

Django has various helping task modules and libraries which can be used to handle common Web development tasks. Django also takes care of the user authentication, content administration, site maps, RSS feeds, etc.

Open Source

Django is an open-source Python-based web application framework. It is publicly available for all without any cost. It can be downloaded with source code from the public repository. Being an Open source, it reduces the total cost of application development.

Vast and Supported Community

Django is one of the most popular web frameworks which has a widely supportive community and channels to share and connect.

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