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Django MVT

Django MVT

The MVT (Model View Template) is a standard of software design. It is a set of three essential Model View & Design components. The Template aids in managing the database. It is a layer of data access which handles the data.

The template is a layer of presentation that handles part of User Interface entirely. The View is used to execute the business logic and to interact with a model for data carriage and template rendering.

Though Django follows but retains MVC pattern? Sown covenants. So, the Framework itself manages it.

There is no specific controller and the entire application is Modal View and Template based. That’s why the program is named MVT.

See the graph below, displaying the control flow based on the MVT.

Django MVT Pattern

A user demands a resource to the Django here, Django acts like a controller and tests the resource in URL available.

If URL maps are considered a view that deals with model and template, instead a layout is made.

Django answers the user back and sends a sample as a response.

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