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Container Tag

Container tag : These tags are in which we define the text or other tag elements.
These actually consist two tags, a start tag and an end tag, which enclose the text.

Eg i

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In the above Example.
1 container tag is we can define all the HTML tags inside the given tag.

Eg ii

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In the above Example
=> We putting inside the <html>tag.

=> Body tag give all description of the document’s layout and structure.

HTML Empty(Non-Container/Blank) tag

Non- container tag/empty tag : These are standalone text do not contain text. Or any other tag element.

Eg i

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In the above example => The two tags are non-container/empty tags.<br/> line break tag and <hr/> is used to break the line and display line across the screen. =>These do not hold any text or any other tags.

HTML Element Property

Most of the HTML element(tag) have some attributes(properties) Eg ii

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About HTML Elements

In the above example
=> Body tag and heading tag define inside the HTML tag.

=> The bgcolor attribute is used to set the background color of the body. and Background attribute is used to set the image on background of a document.

=> heading tag is used to display headings on web pages. attribute Align with (value=”center”) are for alignment of heading on web page.

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