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PHP WAMP Installation

WAMP Server Installation Steps

Step:1 Download latest wamp software(64bit for 64bit os and 32bit for 32bit os)

Step:2 click on setup

Step:3 click on next


Step:4 I accept the agreement and click on next


Step:5 choose drive of your computer

Step:6 click on next


Step:7 click on install


Step:8 choose your browser asked if firefox found click on yes otherwise no


Step:9 Completing the setup wizard click on finish


How To Execute PHP Script On WAMP Server

Step 1 :  First Create PHP script using any editor like notepad, notepadd++ :

echo "Welcome to the world of PHP";	


Step 2 :  Save file as following... Create a directory inside www like(myproject) Save it inside:   C:wamp/www/myproject/firstProg.php Start WAMP server (first time only) Step 3 :  Run the PHP script Open Your browser and write in url : localhost/myproject/firstProg.php

Output Welcome to the world of PHP

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