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POST Method

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Form POST Method

POST method is secured method because it hides all information.

Using POST method unlimited data sends . POST method is slower method comparatively GET method.

Submit Form using POST Method.

In the given above example:
user enters the name inside text box, after entered the name inside text box click on submit button it will display the name entered by user like user enters “Phptpoint” inside the text box the output displays “Phptpoint”.
In this example we have used Form POST method. So the user’s input doesn’t display on address-bar.

Submit Form using POST method(Sum of Two number).

In the given above example:
user enters the first number inside first text box and second number inside second text box, after entered the value inside the text box, clicked on “+” button.
The program displays the output Sum = addition of two numbers.

Create a Login Form (using POST Method)

In the given above example:
there is a secure login page. in which user enters the valid user_name and password, after entering the valid user_name and password he has to clicked on Sign-In button. authorized user can visit next page and for unauthorized user it shows an error message.

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