Download Online PHP Discussion Forum

What is forum

In the times of romans it meant a public place at the center of market or town where open discussions on judicial, political, and other issues were held.The places under which members can start their discussions or posts. Logically forums are organized into a set of generic topics (usually with one main topic) driven and updated by a group known as members, and governed by a group known as moderators.

Rules to use a forum

Fill the registration form and provide some information in order to become a member of that forum.
On the front page, you should see list full of sections, usually called "forums"
Within one of these "forums", you should see a list of forum topics are discussed earlier, each with a thread name and sometimes with a description and its "icon".

Features of this forum.

There are mainly three pannels made,

a)User who is currently not login. (limited access)
b)User who currently login. (have control to its own account)
c)admin pannel (High access too all the users data and have control too all the comments)

Software requirement.

WAMP Server
XAMPP Server
MAMP Server
LAMP Server

Installation steps

Download the zip file
extract the valuable file using win.zar on your local server.
Put this file inside “c:/wamp/www/” or “c:/xampp/htdocs/”

Database Configuration

Open localhost/phpmyadmin in any browser
Create Database named “forum”.
Import database db_name.sql.
Open Chrome or Firefox put URL: “http://localhost/file_name/”

Admin Login

Admin login details:
Login Id : admin
Password : admin

  • ope

    Hello Sir, Please help me with the Usernam and password you provide because i cant login in even with the admin username you provide

  • Nickson Issack

    Not Found

    The requested URL /file_name/ was not found on this server.

    Apache/2.4.9 (Win64) PHP/5.5.12 Server at localhost Port 80

    • I didn’t understand Your Query.
      file_name means project name if you have rename the unzip folder

      • Nickson Issack

        I didn’t change anything i just unzip the project and then follow all procedures but it don’t show the project

        • Whats ur folder name u r seeing ???
          type localhost/foldername

          • Nickson Issack

            Hey Mr Sanjeev in discussion forum there is no database which is in zip sql

          • Check carefully there is .sql file, it may be in database folder or db folder

            Why u don’t the pro version i will configure on your system and will explain about the all modules:
            Demo :

          • Nickson Issack

            Thank you it working now

          • Okey….

      • Nickson Issack

        Open Chrome or Firefox put URL: “http://localhost/file_name/” here is where i stack

  • Nickson Issack

    what to do in this problem please

  • Mahi

    Sir can u plz tell me how to run Discussion forum project. it is showing database error

  • Mike

    Your simple layout is fine bcoz its simple to navigate around but your admin panel is can only manage topics and subtopics, other than that it cannot manage users, pages and even your contact is diect email with no contact form.
    You need to update your project both front end and back end.
    otherwise u did okay.

  • Md Jobaer

    can any one give me a resume maker php project please?

    • Not at this time, i will provide u download link soon

      • Md Jobaer

        ok Sanjeeb rai dada

  • Pramit Bhattacharya

    Cannot login with any of the entries in the database

  • vivek

    I created the database and imported the database file,but im not able to register as new user or login as existing.
    also,where can i find the admin login?
    do i need to perform the database connectivity?

    • Yes check database connectivity if your database default user and password are different

      • vivek

        yes..i cross checked it all..its not working

        • Its working in live demo ???
          download project are same as live demo.

  • There is no Admin index.php page where we can login 🙁 help

    • Used Same login form for both users and admin

  • Talib alam

    Most of the syntax are deprecated in this project

  • electronic

    hi i got this project now need a help for creating report please if u have please mail it

    • Sorry we don’t have any report related to this. You have to create from ur side.

  • tymon

    imported the sql file but the forum no longer loads on the browser
    what might be the problem

  • tymon

    i an currently doing a project related to your own so i wondered to go around it…by the way the sql file is . tech_forum.sql not db.sql

    • Yes use tech_forum
      or you can check the database from connectivity file.

  • s a siddique

    hi sir in this project mysqli database because “utility.php” this file giving error

    • use this $con=mysqli_connect(“localhost”,”root”,””,”databasename”); at the place of mysql_connect()

      ASAP i will update all mysql to mysqli.

      • s a siddique

        how about this

        function ExecuteQuery ($connect)
        {echo ‘Failed to connect’;}
        function ExecuteNonQuery ($connect)
        {echo ‘Failed to connect’;}

        • error_reporting(1);
          forcefully hides all notice and warning error

  • Boaz Berhanu

    I am doing a project for authentication of certificate for Jimma university using qr code how can you help me?

  • shabiba

    diing a php project on bus ticketing how can tou help me

  • ping me over facebook 🙂

  • Zrav Alfa

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:xampphtdocsrumahDiscussion_forumutility.php:5 Stack trace: #0 C:xampphtdocsrumahDiscussion_forumloginH.php(10): ExecuteQuery(‘select * from u…’) #1 {main} thrown in C:xampphtdocsrumahDiscussion_forumutility.php on line 5

    Help me gaes 🙂

    • Hello Zrav
      here we have used mysql_connect() for connectivity. In Latest php mysql_connect() has depreciated So use old php version or download after few days, we will update the connectivity into mysqli

    • Zrav Alfa

      please update to open source, i want this project for reference, this project will help me for last task in my school 🙂

      • Hello Zrav
        give me few days i will update mysql connectivity ASAP.

  • Avneet Singh

    pls send it to

  • Prem

    can you send me project report of Discussion Forum

  • Junaid Raza

    please send me the project report on Discussion Forum

  • rajan silwal

    please sent me project report on Discussion Forum
    email :

    • Sent u Rajan
      update the report if you need.

      • rajan silwal


    • prakash kumar

      Hello sir do u have all the working source code and report of this discussion forum.
      If u have can you send me please on

  • prakash kumar

    hello sanjeev sir,
    good evening sir.

    sir i have downloaded your project i.e. Online Discussion Forum,
    sir it it working correctly, but only 2 error are there. both file is missing form that .rar folder.
    and the name of that file is – “script.js” and “hardik.jpg”.

    and the problem i am facing is that the Interface is not providing an option to post the questions.
    i am sending u the error screen shot.

    sir please help me asap. its very urgent sir.

    sir if possible can you send me both the files along with the project report.
    really sir it will be appreciated a lot.

    my id is —– and

    thank you Sanjeev Rai sir in advance.

  • prakash kumar

    Please send me report on discussion forum

    • Project Report Sent to you

      • prakash kumar

        thank you sanjeev sir

  • Faizal Nagani

    Please send me the project report on Discussion Forum

  • Faizal Nagani

    Please send me the project report on Discussion Forum

    • Hello Faizal
      Online Discussion forum Project Report Sent to You. Pls update the report as per your requirements

  • Rishi Baruri

    Sir please send me the project report on Discussion Forum

  • kavya

    sir pls send me srs document with uml diagrams on online discussion forum

    • Hello Kavya
      Project Report Sent to You. Update the report according to you

  • Rishabh Sharma

    Sir please send me the project report on Discussion Forum

  • Amit Singh

    Sir Please send me the project report of Discussion Forum.

    • Project Report Sent You Amit.
      Pls update the records according to your need

  • Jaya Kamnani

    sir plz send the project report of discussion forum at

    • Hello Jaya
      Project Report Sent You
      Pls update the records according to your need

  • geetha.v.r geethuprabha

    plz send the project report of online discussion forum.. to

    • Hello Greetha
      Project Report Sent You
      Pls update the records according to your need

  • ashutosh

    please send the project link and report to ..

    • Hello Ashutosh
      Project Report and source code Download link is given above

  • Ganesh

    please send the project report and ppt to….

    • Hello Ganesh
      Project Report is given above

  • ab kayani

    Kindly send Project at

    • Download link is given above. its lock now to unlock download link you need to like our page of share the page on facebook or Google plus

  • Md Shamsher

    In Admin part, there is no “login.php” page is availabe.
    please check admin part that is not work properly.

    please send me “login.php” coding for admin part.

    Email =>

    • In this Project same login form is used to admin as well as user
      so no need admin login page separately

  • Md Shamsher

    Ok Sir, Thank u so much

  • sandesh san

    sir plz send the project report of discussion forum at

    • Hello Sandesh
      Project Report Download link is given above, pls follow the given steps.

  • shah Jay

    kindly send this project , at i have shared the link

    • Download link is given above, pls follow the given steps

  • Powersl

    hello sir… can i have this project…. where is the downoad link?

  • Movic Abram

    Please can you direct on how to connect the database for someone who is using a live host? I want to use the project as reference and will need you to develop some projects for me if this is approved. kindly email me the config.php file to


    • Config.php file is given inside Project folder

      • Movic Abram

        Sir Could you please recheck? Or Share the name of the PHP file used? I saw Utility but still cannot use it…

  • vibhas ojha

    In your demo as well as project i can’t login with admin neither i can add new user

    • Ok let me check and update

      • vibhas ojha


  • Movic Abram

    I can be able to sort out the db_connection issue. Now the User record cannot be registered. Please work on this SIR.

    • I will update ASAP and provide u updated Link, give me few more days

      • Movic Abram

        I am still waiting for the updated files as the user registration and login is not working yet.

  • code developer

    how to setup on linux ubuntu with xampp….and discussion forum report to

    • Follow the same steps
      U will have to install xampp or Lamp
      paste inside htdocs and import database

  • siva

    sir when i try to download online crime reporting system it ends up with pharmacy manaagement sytem actually the link is not there.what i have to do

  • Nate Assegid

    doesnt work at all

  • Prakash

    Above link doesnot work .so ,please send me the project to

  • Amal

    Hi, Above link was not working… shall i get project through mail?

    • Download link is working please follow given steps.

  • Darfe Muzira

    please help can l have the updated database