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Employee Leave Management System Project Download

Free Download Employee Leave Management System Project in PHP

The purpose of this project is to create an online leave management program which is essential to something like an organization or college. The main purpose of the online PHP projects is also to develop web applications in college submission.

The Employee Leave Information Management System was designed to automate the employee administration and management and the strategic planning of leaves for employees. This program manages all of the employee records.

Employee Leave Data Management System was developed primarily to handle information about the employee. That serves as an instrument for better management. The key goal of this project is to create an effective web-enabled framework that would be able to simplify workplace knowledge management needs. It is meant to simplify the current manual framework for fast information collection, produce statistical reports and act as a data archive for efficient sharing of information and possible retrieval.

System Users

  • Admin
  • Employee

Admin Features

  • Admin Login.
  • Admin can also view admin dashboard.
  • Admin can change password after login.
  • Admin can add leave type.
  • Admin can update leave type.
  • Admin can delete leave type.
  • Admin can add departments.
  • Admin can update departments.
  • Admin can delete departments.
  • Admin can add an employee and also update the employee info.
  • Admin can also manage the leave application(approve and not approve).
  • Admin Logout


  • Employee login
  • Employee can Update Profile
  • Employee can apply for leave.
  • Employee can View the leave Status
  • Forget Password Recovery
  • Update Password
  • Employee Logout

Software Requirements

  • XAMPP server
  • Language Used
    2. Server Language PHP 5.5
    3. Backe End MYSQL

How to run Project

1. Download and Unzip Project in Your root directory(xampp/htdocs)

Database Configuration

Open phpmyadmin

Create Blank Database "elms"

Import database "elms.sql" (available inside project/database folder)

Run Project

Open Your browser and type "localhost/emls"

Admin Login Details

  • Username: admin
  • Password: 12345

Employee Login Details

  • Employeeid :PHPTPOINT1012 (When retrieving your password)
  • Username: phptpoint@gmail.com
  • Password: 12345

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