Hostel management system

Objective of the Project

As the name specifies “HOSTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is a software developed for managing various activities in the hostel. For the past few years the number of educational institutions are increasing rapidly. Thereby the number of hostels are also increasing for the accommodation of the students studying in this institution. And hence there is a lot of strain on the person who are running the hostel and software’s are not usually used in this context. This particular project deals with the problems on managing a hostel and avoids the problems which occur when carried manually. Identification of the drawbacks of the existing system leads to the designing of computerized system that will be compatible to the existing system with the system Which is more user friendly and more GUI oriented. We can improve the efficiency of the system, thus overcome the drawbacks of the existing system.

  • Less human error
  • Strength and strain of manual labour can be reduced
  • High security
  • Data redundancy can be avoided to some extent
  • Data consistency
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy data updating
  • Easy record keeping
  • Backup data can be easily generated

Software Requirements

  • XAMPP server
  • Language Used
    1. Front End(User Interface) HTML 5 , CSS,JAVASCRIPT
    2. Server Language PHP 5.5
    3. Backe End MYSQL

Installation Steps(Configuration)

1. Download and Unzip file on your local system.
2. Put this file inside wamp/www/ .
3. Database Configuration

Open phpmyadmin

Create Database “hostel”.
Import database “hostel.sql”
4. Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/Hostel-management-system-Mysqli/”
Admin Login Details
To Login as admin put inside browser “http://localhost/Hostel-management-system-Mysqli/admin”
Login User : sanjeev
Login Pass : sanjeev

Live Demo

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        I want to create a project but I’m getting trouble in making its search engine. As a user can select city or age group, gender, height etc so here i can not decide how the user will search and what things he will select to find his partner.
        So you’re requested kindly please us. I shall be highly obliged to you.

        Thanks & Regards:
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        • Thank you sabhajeet kumar
          for search module,
          a user can search on the basis of city or age group or gender or height etc.
          You can use and operator at the place of or operator. Means if all requirement matched then disp the records.

      • Zahid

        dear there is error in importing database in mysql….
        please tell me how to import it……

        • Zahid first create a database, select database and import the .sql file.

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    hey what should be character set of file and sql comtability mode set to…????

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    this error is coming-

    SQL query:

    — phpMyAdmin SQL Dump
    — version 3.4.5

    — Host: localhost
    — Generation Time: Jul 17, 2014 at 06:03 AM
    — Server version: 5.5.16
    — PHP Version: 5.3.8

    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1231 – Variable ‘sql_mode’ can’t be set to the value of ‘NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO’

    • phptpoint

      i think you are not using the same version of WAMP.

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      if you have any query regarding php please let us know though our forum

  • i need hostel management system documentation.

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    how to start project

    • phptpoint

      hello rohit,
      put the project inside your root director.(WAMP OR XAMPP server)
      export your database
      put the url inside your browser

  • I am having problem with connecting database…can you help me….

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        My mail id mentioned on contact page.

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    • Hello Sumit, first you have import your database.

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  • In registration no database select.plz help me for this

    • Hello sukhwinder,
      First you have to import database file(.sql) after that try to register

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    databse is not importing in xampp….error msg displayed…plz help

    • Hello rezwan,
      please restart your xampp all services and try again.
      first you have to create your database and import

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    • Hello Pradip, please prepare the document youself

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      sorry for the project report of Hostel management system you have to create it.

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    • Hello panje,
      i think first you have to register yourself. then try to login

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    Dear developer I need your help I would Like to know how can I link my webtemplates into my website

    • Hello Mubarack,
      First convert your index.html into index.php.
      open it customize according to you.

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    Pls I am in need of an online Gym system for my final year project. I would really appreciate it if you can help me. ASAP Php + mysql (+ complete documentation)

    Thanks Sir, for your great support!

    • Hello Richard, give us some time to develop online Gym system.

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    • Hello Saroj, try again it may because of slow network.

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    • First create your database
      through localhost/phpmyadmin
      after creation select your current database and click on import buttton, browse the file from your pc, click on go button

  • niha

    Dear Sir,
    even after importing the database, it shows no database in registration. Could you please help me out? Plese reply at the earliest.

    • Create the database with same name i.e mentioned inside config file

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      i have sent the project report on you mail check it.

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    hello sir my project is Hostel managment system on php . in that i have to show how much food come in mess. and which vegetable are used? can you make it sir ? and please send it on can you make it?? thank you

    • Bhumi, i will update this module for you guys soon. visit after some time

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    • Senthil, i m sending another project document on mail id please modify it.

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    • Thank you very much.
      Database(.sql) file are also there inside zipped folder

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    when which file i have to import in wamp to use this template?

    • Wasim import .sql file(database)

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        thanks mr.sanjeev rai

  • Superb Effort!

  • Adawudu Kafui

    Please where can i find localhost.sql

    • open mysql env. put in your browser localhost/phpmyadmin
      create a database, select your database then import the .sql file

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    hi, please thanks for the information. please I am developing a hostel management system for my school but im finding it difficult writing the codes since I learnt the php on my own…can you please help me write the using dreamweaver, xamp and wamp..I wil also like the students to receive sms aftr they have registered..alialpha66@gmail. com

    • Hi Hilda,
      tell me brief details about your project.

      • hilda

        its about designing a software that will help the school hostel keep track of students, assign them to a room, keep track of who creates messes and how much to pay for the mess caused and also the students are to receive a SMS alert after registration

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    i m getting error in registration and hostel login as “no database selected” .

    kindly help me….

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    there are a problem to importing db….

    • Diwakar Singh first create a database with proper name(check in document), select database and import .sql file

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    • Tell me your mail id i will send you documents related to other project please modify it

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    • Try
      see inside database admin table.

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    • Bhumi open your page in macromedia dreamweaver.
      go on design, select the section you want to customize, go on code and customize.
      or find css file and customize according to you.

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    what is the username and password for hostel

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    Dear, I imported the database, it worked. I can register and login. My problem is how to login as an administrator. I tried username ans psswd as admin but it fail. what password was encrypted to that password in the database? I need your help.

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    Hostel management
    Hi sir thnxx for the project code…
    I have imported the .sql file
    now in registration form when I create a new member its shows Details Saved!
    but in database it is not getting updated!!!
    and even in Login form i get accessed denied!!!
    please help…

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    hi sir,

    Im using ubuntu and installed lamp.I placed downloaded folder in var/www/ .and i typed this in browser http://localhost/hostel-management-system/ and it shows You don’t have permission to access /hostel-management-system/ on this server.403 forbidden.

    Help me

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      Create by urself.

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    • Ziter Zop


    • Sanjeev Rai

      Hi Ziter,
      You must need to create a database. After creation select database import the .sql file.
      follow the guidelines given. this is database configuration issue.

      • Sumedha

        I an facing the same problem.
        I have imported the database. ”
        Import has been successfully finished, 13 queries executed. (full_db_sql.sql)

        This message has been displayed.
        But still I am getting “no database selected”.
        Please help.

        • Sanjeev Rai

          I have updated the script just now and uploaded.
          Now you need to download the project
          create a database name “full”
          import the full.sql file from your downloaded(“db”) folder

          • Sumedha

            Now I get unexpected end of archive when extracting from the zip file

          • Sumedha

            Thanks a lot!!
            It is working.
            Can you please tell me the hostel usename and password.
            and the admin username and password.
            sanjeev us not working.
            Also can you tell me how to change the username and password.
            I am very grateful.
            Thank you so much 🙂

          • Anil

            Hello Sumedha plz open your registration.php page ang login.php page into
            editor and change your localhost password.given in the project is “tour”
            replace it according to your localhost.or set it as null like ” “.

  • utkarsh

    i have downloaded the zip folder and unziped it now what next. idon’t understand the second step-” Put this file inside wamp/www/ . ” what is this meaning? can you please explain in detail how to run this project

    • Sanjeev Rai

      Hi Utkarsh, Do you have any idea about WAMP Server or XAMPP Server.
      to run php projects you must need to install any one server. follow the guidelines given

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      You want online tutorials for what ???

    • Anil

      yes but what technology you required.

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      Hi Mishan,
      You need to configure database. follow the given guidelines.

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      Hello Misha plz open your registration.php page ang login.php page into editor and change your localhost password.given in the project is “tour” replace it according to your localhost.or set it as null like ” “.

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    sir in hostel-management project after registraion when i click login
    page and fill detail it shows on browser Access denied for user
    ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)…

    • Sanjeev Rai

      Database Not Connected Properly you need to Configure database

      • naaz

        sir can you plz send me the full reeport on hostel management project.

        • Norm An



          $password=”admin”; –> delete admin

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    I have tried using sanjeev as username and password in admin login ,it is failing. what is the right username and password?

    • Sanjeev Rai

      Hi Kenneth,
      have u import database (full.sql) ???
      you can check admin username and password from database.

    • Anil

      Hello Kenneth Kafunda plz open your registration.php page ang login.php page into
      editor and change your localhost password.given in the project is “tour”
      replace it according to your localhost.or set it as null like ” “.

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      Download the project full source code from given download link

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    Please give me a guideline,I’ll appreciate. Thanks in advance

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      Thanks for contacting us.
      Tell me ur email id for further communication

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    • Hi angel,
      it will take some time so it would better create by urself

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    • Download links are given on the website.
      When u click on download link a small window appear and ask login from facebook and share this page on facebook, download starts automatically

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    • Download links are given on the website.
      When You click on download link small window open and ask you to login from facebook, and share the page on facebook. after sharing the page download starts automatically.

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    • There is file “full.sql” in main folder where all other scripts. if not found let me know ur mail id

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        thanks i found it 🙂

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    • Hi Randalf,
      Hostel Management System Project’s download links are given on the website. When u click on download link a small window appear, You need to login through facebook and share the page on facebook download will start automatically.
      Pro version of Hostel Management System:

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    Hi Sir,

    I found the Hostel management project very useful. Although I have tried to add an extra feature of checking the room availability for a student to book the room. After a lot of tries I have been unable to design a code/query to add this feature.
    Can you please help me with this as soon as possible. My submission deadline is a week away from now.

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    hye sir, thank you for the source code but sir can you help me? i already download the source code but i cant read on php which is my dreamweaver software. can you help me sir? thank you so much

    • Open with dreamweaver or using notepadd++

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    Sir the uploaded Hostel Management system does not have the main functions like room allocation,payment etc like you have shown in the
    So Sir how to add more functions or download the demo hostel allocation system….plz do rply!

  • Live Demo Version is Payable $50

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    hlo sir pls help me out??

    • Tell

      • bhawini singh

        i want to add room allotmenr critera how could i ??

        • Create a table “room”, add,insert,update,delete the rooms availability from admin dashboard. Now show rooms availability on user dashboard…..



    • ASAP i will update it


        sir please send the demo project source code i.e. hostel allocation system that is in ur website.asap.

        • Hello Aayush
          Live Demo Project is payable.

          • AAYUSH GUPTA

            whats d cost sir?n send me all d details.

          • Details Sent on your mail

  • Hello Fentahun
    Download links are given above. Click on download link. a small facebook login window open. Now login through facebook and share the page on facebook. After sharing the page downloading start

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    • ASAP will provide You

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        • Download links are given above. Click on the link to download

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    • Hello Piyush
      You can check the details inside database

      • Piyush Sharma

        Sir i did check the database “full.sql”,still i could not login

        • Try this
          Login User : sanjeev
          Login Pass : sanjeev
          i think user login details is static so need to update the login page

          • ravi

            Hi, project is working fine using sanjeev as user and password. But I’m unable to change Admin user and password. I’m able to change it in Online exam project. Please help with steps. Thanks.

          • Ok
            let me check and update

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  • alfrich

    Hi sir. I tried to download this project hostel-managment -system but its totally different. Its a sample school’s project when i run it. Can you kindly help me ?? Thanks

    • Live Demo Project is payable.
      it has two panel student and admin

      • Muhas Kh

        how much should i pay?

        • 3000 INR
          Whole project is dynamic, you can add, update,delete hostel,block,room, room info from admin.
          students can apply if they find the vacant seat in any hostel.

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            mail me the complete details

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  • Now You can download

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    • Download links are given above try them.

      Sent you

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    If there are select option , how to display data from database as a checkbox by using phpmyadmin?

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  • Aamir Shaikh

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    • We don’t have the document of Hostel Management

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    • Hello Soniya
      sorry we dont’ have the document at this time.

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    • Have u done Some Projects using WordPress ?

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    • This is database error. try user : root and password blank or root.

      • arigela sekhar

        hello sir, i was edited the file as u mentioned…but it gives the error as #1045 Cannot log in to the MySQL server…and the following screen shots are describes the error…and i upload my file here for better to understood my problem

      • arigela sekhar

        this is my file

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    project download and live demo are not related.. do something.. please is this project also paid??

    • Yes Live Demo Project is Paid.

      • syed yaseen

        how much is the charges for the project and what is the mode of payment..
        please reply soon.. and also mail demo to king_yaseen@yahoo.coin

        • 3000 INR OR 50$ approx. Mode of Payment either western union or Money gram or directly transfer/deposit in my account if you are Indian.

          • syed yaseen

            i am indian only.. i am interested in the student supervision project please see details in that project’s chat..

          • sent u mail.

  • Muhas Kh

    sir,how to resolve this error?
    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:xampphtdocsHostel-management-systemconfig.php:3 Stack trace: #0 C:xampphtdocsHostel-management-systemlogin.php(4): require() #1 {main} thrown in C:xampphtdocsHostel-management-systemconfig.php on line 3

    • use : error_reporting(1);
      on the top of login.php or config.php page. it will hides all warnings

      • Muhas Kh

        actually the problem lies with in the php version,sql_connect() support is only in php 5.2 or 5.3

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    sir when i open project.from localhost they give me message of Unknown database ‘full’ but i import the database

    • Check database connectivity page. Check the database login credentials

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    Sir where is the edit n delete query ?

  • Prasanna Kolambkar

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  • Prasanna Kolambkar

    why does live demo and downloaded project looks different

    • Live Demo is Payable.
      You can create multiple hostel, block, room, room facility etc.

  • vs

    I needed to change the college name but cannot find it in any php file , could you please specify the name in which i could go to edit ABC group of institutes ! Thankyou

    • College name “ABC group” is static find on index.php and replace

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    • Download links are given above. There is a database file inside them.

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    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:xampphtdocsxamppHostel-management-systemconfig.php:3 Stack trace: #0 C:xampphtdocsxamppHostel-management-systemindex.php(6): include() #1 {main} thrown in C:xampphtdocsxamppHostel-management-systemconfig.php on line 3

    i used error_reporting(1);
    i face the same problem
    pls help me to rectify the problem

    • mysql_connect() depreciate in updated version of PHP. use old wamp or xampp server

    • Hello Jayalalitha
      Download updated Script. mysqli_connect();
      mysqli connectivity.

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    • tell me ur mail id,

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    • Can u send me screen ? because i have update this project recently.

      • sazzad kanon

        Thank u sir for your lovely reply. Bt the problem has been solved. It was a slight mysql connection problem. Thats why it could not be connected to the phpmyadmin. Bt now all errors solved. Its a great project!!! Can u please sgst me some good jquery slider downloadable websites?

        • wow slider.

          • sazzad kanon

            they didnt let me download the sliders. seems like rubbish

        • Goutam Desai

          how did you solve the issue. i am facing the same one

          • sazzad kanon

            Whats yours bro?

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    • Default user name : root
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    • You have all the codes. You have to delete manually from the page where u are seeing.

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        • there is index.php first file. Check the files find “ABC” and update as per your requrirements

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    • Hello Piyush(index.php)
      echo $colgdisp[‘colgname’];
      its showing college name. You can update from admin

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    • Unzip project and paste inside htdocs
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