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Free Download Online Crime Reporting System Project in PHP

Online Crime Reporting System Project in PHP

Online Crime Reporting System is an internet based Project developed using PHP and MySQL. The aim of Online Crime Reporting System will be to create a web based program using which people are able to report crime online. It gives the facility of uploading videos or images of crime scenes to ensure that authorities can take action immediately.

Project Objective :

The Objective of Crime Reporting System is to develop a web based program using which people can report crime online. It provides the facility of uploading images or videos of crime scenes to ensure that police may take action immediately. It also supplies the advice of missing persons, most wanted criminals and security tips for the awarness of people.

Presently there is no online web application available to report crime online. In order to report any complains associated with crime, people has to contact closest police station. People of the specific city are not aware of crime related matters such as list of Most wanted criminals of their town, newest crime related news, missing persons of the area etc..People must view News Chanels or Read News Paper for such offense related details. Thus we can say that present platform is manual and does not supply all the information from 1 source.

System Users/Actors

  1. Admin
  2. Police Station
  3. Public Users

Admin Features

  1. Add/Update/Display/Delete Police Officer(Police Station)
  2. Add/Update/Display/Delete Citizen(User)
  3. Update/Display/Delete Complaint
  4. View/Delete Complaints Status
  5. View/Delete Emergencey Complaint
  6. View Query
  7. View Feedback

Police Officer

  1. View Complaint
  2. Update Complaint Status
  3. View Emergencey Complaints


  1. Register
  2. Login
  3. Add Complaint
  4. View Complaint Status

Public(without create account)

  1. Add Emergencey Complaint
  2. Track Emergencey Complaint Status

Brief overview of the technology


  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Javascript/Jquery
  4. Bootstrap


  1. PHP
  2. MySQL

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