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On Page SEO Techniques That will Boost Your Keyword Rankings

On-Page SEO Techniques That'll Boost Your Keyword Rankings

Search Engine Optimization is the best approach to engage users and gain traffic to your website without any paid activities. With SEO techniques & its efforts in the appropriate direction, one can easily gain higher ranking in SERPs. Basically, there are 3 types of SEO techniques i.e. on-Page, Off-Page & Technical SEO. As we know, on-page optimization comprises activities where we put our efforts in optimizing the website. Off-Page techniques include activities/efforts to get backlinks from authenticated and good web pages, whereas technical SEO is all about technical handling on a website. So, here we are going to elaborate a few important On-Page SEO Techniques That'll Boost Your Keyword Rankings.

On-Page SEO Techniques That'll Boost Your Keyword Rankings

There are several On-Page SEO Techniques That'll Boost Your Keyword Rankings. Some of them which are important and must not be missed from any perspective to gain better ranking for your webpage are:

  • Quality content should be on priority
  • Optimize page title & meta description
  • Optimizing Page content
  • Image Optimization
  • URL optimization
  • Links Optimization (internal & external both)
  • Headings & content formatting
  • Proper keyword research & uses
  • Responsive website

So now, when we have got the list of the On-Page SEO Techniques That'll Boost Your Keyword Rankings, you must be wondering about how it could be applied. So, now we will be sharing detailed insights on the proper & effective approach to do On-Page SEO.

Quality content should be on priority

There is a popular proverb “ Content is the King”. In the digital space, content has the most important & secured place. Writing content does not allow you to write anything irrespective of the website & its criteria. Here are few points which you must look up to to know how a quality content can be created & used for a website to boost its ranking in SERPs:

  • Research about the topic deeply.
  • Ideate your own thinking & the research.
  • Create the content which is engaging, easily readable & understandable.
  • Make sure that the content is not copied from any other source. It must be unique.

Optimize page title & meta description

Page Title is that portion of your website which tells the search engine about what actually that particular page wants to convey. So, it should be proper, appropriate and to the point. Make sure that the Keyword is used in the first word of the title. Same goes for Meta Description. It should be within length, must convey the depth of the webpage and should include keywords. It should be short, engaging and need not include a website name.

Optimizing Page content

Creating content is easy. But the main problem arises when you do not have the idea on how quality -enriched content should be placed within a webpage to rank the web page in SERPs. The prior thing you must follow is keyword research. Keyword-enriched & properly used keywords when placed in a content improves the quality of the content.

Image Optimization

Webpages do have images as these are the visuals which engage users along with the curated content. But, what will happen, if your image is not optimized properly? Well, your website will load slowly and will also not improve the ranking factor. Whenever you have the images to be uploaded on the website, make sure they are compact, visually appealing, renamed properly and are of smaller size preferably PNG or JPG files.

URL optimization

URL optimization is a must as nobody likes irregular kinds of URL. it makes not only readers but also for the search engines to understand. Make sure your URL depicts what the content portrays within that specific webpage.

Links Optimization (internal & external both)

Links must be optimized and used properly within the webpage. It should not be a broken link. Use internal links wherever relevancy is there. Do not use more than 15 internal links within a page. Same way, add external links when it adds value to the readers on your webpage. Link to trusted and quality websites. Make sure that the external links are given only when it is important as waste uses of external links can deviate users from your webpage.

Headings & content formatting

Keep a track on header tags and content formattings. DO not use a variety of fonts or font size for a content on the webpage. Similarly, make sure that your webpage includes to in your webpage properly.

Proper keyword research & uses

Keyword research is the most difficult and most interesting part. Make sure that the keyword research you are doing is a great keyword to rank the website. Using it effectively is another pointer here. Keywords should be used properly when and where required. Keyword stuffing puts a bad impression on the web page. Make sure that you are not using too many keywords within a page.

Responsive website

Website is cool when it is responsive. A website which cannot be compatible with all devices is definitely going to fall down in this mobile era. Most of the users prefer Mobile, Tablets over laptops as it is easy to carry & view immediately anything. So ensure that the website you have is a responsive one.

Stopping point:

Finally, We hope that you would have gone through the above-mentioned pointers for

On-Page SEO Techniques That'll Boost Your Keyword Rankings.

Practice it and put the efforts in the appropriate direction to gain higher ranking for your website. However, this is not just the end of On-Page factors. There are numerous other factors which contribute to the better ranking of a website.

Do you have a few more on-page SEO techniques on your fingertips? Dropdown your views in the comment section below. Hope You would have gained insights from this article.

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