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Techniques and Types of SEO

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Techniques and Types of SEO

SEO types and techniques are methods where the user can make decisions on optimizing his website to its highest potential.


The Types of SEO are

ON Page SEO –

On page SEO deals with factors that enhance the quality and efficiency of the website by improving factors such as Title tags, Heading, URL Structure, Page content.

As the quality and efficiency of the website increase, it performs better on search engines.

Increased performance will result in excellent feedback from the website’s target audience

OFF Page SEO –

Off page SEO deals with factors and aspects that enhance the awareness and reputation of your website in the web.

With off page SEO, your website becomes reputable in terms of quality by search engines and external website standards

Factors such as link building and social media interactions are some of the key aspects of OFF page SEO.


What are the Techniques of SEO

  • White Hat SEO technique

White Hat SEO is SEO practices and procedures that follow Google guidelines and are ethical and straightforward in nature.

These techniques are straightforward in terms of SEO and avoid any methods that are unethical.


  • Black Hat SEO Technique

       Black Hat SEO is SEO practices and procedures that disregard and break Google guidelines and are unethical and shady in nature.

These techniques are used to increase visitors by any means necessary which leads the website to be blacklisted if caught

Black hat SEO is highly lucrative for increasing the websites short-term goals but they tend to be illegal in nature


  • Grey Hat SEO Technique

Grey Hat SEO is SEO practices procedures and methods that walk a thin line between Black and White hat techniques and tend to play on either side.

When using Grey hat techniques it’s important to have awareness on Google’s policies and being careful about black hat techniques being employed

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