What is SEO and Processes to Help You Ranking Batter

What is SEO

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What is SEO

Everyone doesn’t know What is SEO, So Let’s Start

SEO stands for search engine optimization is used to optimize your website in search engines so that when a user searches for the content in your website he can easily find the website 

SEO consists of three main parts called the three pillars of SEO.

Before we discuss the three pillars of SEO, here is an overview on what is SEO and some SEO processes 

SEO revolves around improving a website so that it ranks the high on a SERP(search engine result page).

The Most important processes involved would be

Client Requirement 

  • client requirement in SEO works by completing the specific demands of your customer regarding his website
  • Your target audience needs and demands come under this category if you running a social media platform like facebook

SEO customization tip

Understand your client requirement, researching the demands of your audience is a great way to start SEO for your website

Keyword Research

  • keyword research gives details about how people are searching on the internet on the content of your website.
  •  designing your website accordingly to the keyword research makes it easier for your target audience to find your website.
  • keywords are an important part of website content and having the correct keywords has a huge impact on your audience

 SEO customization tip

select words that are easy for your target audience to understand as it gives significant awareness and customer potential.

Content Writing

  • Content writing is making content based on keyword research so that the search engine can find your web page easier.
  • By giving the main selling point of your website a good shape and form it becomes easy for your audience to go through your website

SEO customization tip

when content writing you shouldn’t force all your keywords into your main content. Instead, focus on keeping it interesting with a few keywords


Link Building

  • Link building involves building external links from other websites similar to your content so that it creates a  quality source of content and building trust for your audience and giving potential to create customers into repeat customers.

SEO customization tip

for link building is in the selection and careful planning based on your content. Picking and deciding content without any choice or thought can lead to disastrous consequences.

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