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Search Engine vs Web Portal

Search Engine vs Web Portal

What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is a program which functions to help users to search content/information in the World Wide Web Examples of a search engine are Google, Yahoo etc as users can search for websites to help them find information  

How Does a Search Engine Work

How a search engine works is by using a set of keywords, phrases and brings a list of items that contain the word or phrase. While not directly displaying information it brings the websites with the required information and the user can select the website that suits his need.  

What is a Web portal

A web portal is a private location on the internet where the user has an account to access the website. Portals are informative and hence have deeper insight and depth of content compared to a search engine Without a Unique URL, USERNAME, and PASSWORD you cannot enter the web portal example of PORTALs are Gmail, Facebook etc where to access the contents you must have a unique username and password    

How Does a Web Portal Work?

web portal organizes the information into channels, customization page containers from which the user selects the information he needs. The user specializes the content on where different types of information can be found and the user can select what he needs 

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